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One realizes the value of a Real Estate Company, and the person who represents you, not when the markets up, and the sales are many, but rather in hard times.

Nobody can better understand that feeling more than my family and I, during our recent attempt to sell our home in Groton, MA. As you are well aware, we made a decision to move to Texas to better increase our opportunity for career advancement, and once again enjoy the Texas culture. We made that decision to move, not knowing how bad the real-estate market truly had become in the northeast. Predicting the market, or knowing its direction, is not an easy task. Secondly, aligning your personal needs with the real estate market conditions don’t always work, or, are not always timed in your favor. Once we had made the commitment to move we were stuck with the decision. Now the question, the challenge, the hurdles, were, had we aligned with someone who could take a bad situation, and somehow despite the odds, realize a benefit. Well, in this case, that was the result . Your strategy, hard work, and commitment to somehow see us through paid off. Not only we did not sell, but we were able minimize the negative impact. The effort put forth by you, found us a port in the storm. Leasing our home enabled us to bridge the troubled times. The easy thing to do, and what is commonly the result, which was never your position, sell the house at less than its value. If you lower the price low enough, sure it will sell, but at what cost to the family?! Thank you for holding your ground, seeing us through the tough times, not giving up, and finding a way for us to succeed. So my complements are directed to describe a Real Estate Company, and its Agent's value. To state the real benefit, and the true way of recognizing ones value and commitment. Those values are not measured in the good times, they are measured when the times are hard. You, Jeff Gordon, and your company, EXIT Assurance Realty, depict those characteristics and value. We thank you for being there when it was truly needed.

Steve Carter

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